Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Red Queen of the Masquerade

Phew.... the last big work of this year is done!
Thanks to the help from my facebook and instagram fans, the doll has got a name - Many have suggested to include "red" in her name, and "Mask" and some royal title, so I have called her "Red Queen of Masquerade", which I think suits her very well and makes sense, because no one knows her real name, and who she is, and where she comes from, but today she is wearing red and she is the queen of masquerade ball.
And yes, I have made this doll, because I wanted to introduce you to the technique of making self standing dolls.
When I have started my career of a doll artist, I have been making this kind of dolls and loved them a lot, so I thought I should summarise my knowledge and make a tutorial for all of you who would like to learn.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Autumn is a time of Witches!

It's getting dark, and it's raining most of the time, and going out doesn't seem like a good idea anymore - oh yes, it is a perfect time for crafting!
For all my crafty friends and followers - a new tutorial! This time I wanted to create a doll making guide that would be easy to follow even for those of you who have never made a doll before. It is great for the beginners and with some help from an adult, even kids could give it a try.
So if you would like to have some stress free crafting time, to decorate your home with a cute "Pumpkin Witch" - this doll making guide is just for you. 
And, the Pumpkin Witch, the decorative doll made entirely by me, will got to the lucky person, that will be randomly chosen from those of you, who will get their tutorial till October 23 2017.
happy crafting everyone!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Announcement of a Year

Hello everyone!
You most probably been wondering, where have I gone?
I must admit that I am more present on Facebook lately than on any other social media, but here I am back and bringing good news.
I have been working on a huge project since January - I have been making a tutorial for all of you who want to learn make a doll in my stile.
As it usually happens, from the planned couple of months it has taken me almost a year to bring it to the end, but finally - I did.
So here it is, listed on my Etsy Store .
I am revealing quite a few of my techniques there and explaining how to make all the parts of the doll and it's costume. If you follow it step by step, you should make yourself a doll like the one in photo below.

Happy doll making!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Just trying to catch up

Hello my dear friends who are still following this blog of mine!
I am having a hard time catching up with all the social media as the variety is overwhelming...
Lately I am mostly present on facebook  and on my personal web page . And of course - more I work on dolls, less I have social life, and less I am present on the web.... well I guess that is the price I pay for being an artist. :)
Anyway if you are following my works, and wondering where have I gone - you have the links above to find me :)

Hugs to all of you!
your Dorote

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It is all about LOVE

Hello my dear friends and followers!
It's been a long while since I have been posting on my blog (shame on me of course). I find it quite hard to keep up with all this social media, as whenever I close myself in the studio - the time starts running extremely fast.
So enough of those words, and let present you my two latest dollies: Victoria and Albert - two happy shelf sitters who are made to be together.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My doll for DABIDA day

The news of the day - My "Joy" is going to be exhibited at DABIDA day (Netherlands, 21st April)
It is one of the first 3 nominations at yearly Hannie Sarris Doll Award.
The last picture before closing the box.
Have a safe trip my little one!

More pictures here

Monday, October 1, 2012

Time is shamelessly running ...

...and autumn is back again. And some kind of light nostalgia is wrapping me like a spider cell, and  making me feel lazy and sleepy and dreamy... or maybe I just starting feeling tired after an intense work which kept me up since the begging of this year.  At the end the Tireless Artist appears to be not so tireless, but still keeps being the Artist hehe
Today I am coming to my blog to post pictures of my two latest dolls.
"The lady in Waiting" from August, and "White Coffee with Ice" which I have finished a couple of days ago.

 More photos on my Facebook and Flickr
 Have a beautiful day everyone!