Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mist Muse

Finally!.. I am so happy - my "Mist Muse" is finished.
I've been carrying the idea in my head like for 2 months and it took me like 3 more weeks to complete her. After endless visits to cloth stores searching for the matterial of a right colour for her dress, after scoulpting and sanding, paintin and sanding and painting and sanding again, and finishing with oil paint, after making her hair from a sheep woll and attaching eyelashes, suing dress and decorating it with embroidery and beads - she is complete. I've enjoied each part of the process and I love the result.
While waiting for glue or paint to get drye, I was working on two joifull Muse's pets.
Those two jumpy creatures are moving so fast that they dissapear in the mist befor any eye could see them. How ever they love theyr Muse and they follow her where ever she goes. :)

more pictures of her at my flickr


  1. just so you are aware i have combed through your entire blog and i am freaked out by how cool it is. i live in florida, and i am really curious about how you make these from start to finish. do you have any good books to recommend ?