Wednesday, October 14, 2009

back to childhood...

Here it is, my new/old hobby: sewing clothes for playable dolls. Since I was a kid I was spending more time while making clothes for dolls than playing with them. Then I grew up, and I was to shy to continue with this pleasant occupation... well I had to find a "serious" profession for me and etc. ...And now, that I am 30, I've finally realized that people live just ones, and they have to live their life with a light and happy heart, doing what they love to do, being with people which they love to be with.
So here she is, my Blythe dolly and her new black dress :)
...oh I'd wish I'd had another camera, this one is old already, and it's just impossible to take good quality pictures with it :(...


  1. Dorote,
    I can see you are having a splendid time creating new dresses for your dolly. That dress is adorable. You are an excellent seamstress! Nice pic for an avatar..but I might miss your old one with you in the field of flowers. It is a very pretty picture and gives me a small glimpse of how beautiful Lithuania must be. <3


  2. hehe thanks Lori :)
    well I am changing pictures in flickr awatar from time to time - jst to keep track on what I am doing :)
    the awatar of blodder is still the same :))

  3. You are a clever chick!
    I have an award for you too! it's called 'your blog is over the top' - it's a time consuming one, so I understand if you don't get chance to do it! The badge is over at my blog! :O)
    Take it easy!

  4. Thank you for you lovely comments about my Jake! I really appreciate it. How's the dolls coming along?

  5. oh they are taking me for ever... almost finished with the one for an "incognito" exebition (still beading her with thousands of micro beads lol). And another one is sitting on my table all naked and staring at me "when are you going to dress me up" :-D