Monday, October 12, 2009

working working working

yes yes, I know, I should post more often, but the times goes so fast that weeks are just passing by and I do not notise them... Most probably it is all becouse of so many things I am doing at this time. :)

I am finishing a doll for a virtual exibition in some russian doll-makers forum (can't show her right now - it is supposed to be a seecret :) ).

I have also started a new doll, her name is "Muse of the sleepless night". It is pretty veird how she appeared in my head... One night I just couldn't fall asleep. Turning from one side to another I was laying in a bed with my eyes opening by them self. (I have to say that it never happens to me, as I usualy fall asleep as soon as I put my head on a pillow). And then while staring at the sealing, this doll came to my mind. Such a clear image with all details - she was just ready to be made - I didn't even need any skeching.. And then I felt asleep. In the morning of the next day I woke up so good rested, I went to my studio and started sculpting her :)
I've got also some an idea of a new tipe of construction, I want her to be able to change positions whle benting arms and legs, but at the same time I do not want to make her body ball-jointed.

Annnnd... one more thing has pulled my attention last days and ocupyed all my free time. In the breackes between sculpting and painting, while waiting for my dolls to get dry, I am creating clothes for a Blythe doll. It is so much fun... I haven't been sewing for factory made dolls since I was small kid. I have rediscovered this ocupation right now and it is so intertaming for me, and also so relaxing: I am just waching videos on youtube and embroidering or beading those small cute dresses :) I hope to take pictures of them soon :)


  1. Я думаю, что эта кукла будет еще лучше , чем предыдущие, хотя, куда же лучше?))))

  2. И заберите свою награду в моем блоге! Пусть она будет только одной из первых!

  3. ох спасибо... а я и не знала про награду :-O
    егу посмотреть.... :-)

  4. I look forward to seeing your sleepless muse, Dorote. If I know anything about your dolls, she will be another beauty for certain. And, too, I am anxiously awaiting the secret doll for your entry into the show. How exciting! *runs and grabs some popcorn, pulls up a chair, and waits patiently for 2 new masterpieces to arrive in the Dewfall Timeless Studio*. :-)