Thursday, December 17, 2009

finished :)

It seems she took me an eternity...
How ever I have finally made her.
She is 38 cm tall, her hair is made from natural silk fiber, and her outfit is decorated with thousands of glass beads.
I have made her on a different armature than my previous dolls, so she can bent her arms and legs, and she can sit and stand in different positions.

More pictures :


  1. Wow, she's lovely. Fantastic work :o)

  2. I have been waiting and watching...and she has been well worth the wait! I love all the many perfect details...the gorgeous sleeves, her beaded bodice and delicate overskirt. Extraordinary!! love, Rose

  3. Thank You, Rose. I am very glad to hear that :)

  4. Wow you're good! she's first class :O)

  5. i love your dolls.. i wish i could learn from you!!