Saturday, December 5, 2009

Stranger in the rain

It was a rainy evening when me and my dog were going for a daily walk. On the way to the park we met a small kitten. Poor wet creature was just crying and looking at us. Usually cats are scared of my super curious dog, and they run away as fast as possible, but this one – didn’t move. On the contrary he came closer and made a “psssssssssssh” saud at my dog. We made couple of steps more and I saw the little one is following us… oh I just couldn’t leave it there alone. Poor lost kitty was so lonely and cold…

So now I have him on my lap sleeping and making prrrrrrr sound. Hopefully I will find someone who will want to adopt him, if not – well.... I will have to think how to take care of him till the end of his days.


  1. keep him, he's chosen you :o)

  2. I'd love to, but it is a bit complicated, as sometimes I go to travel for some weeks, and in that case I have noone to take care of him :(

  3. Hi Dewfall,
    I've just given you a blog award. I love your work and your blog. You always have such innovative ideas. You can pick up your award at my blog. Don't feel you have to post 7 things about yourself. I know this time of year can be really hectic. I do hope you drop by and pick up your award--you deserve it. ~Robin

  4. Thanks Robin, it's an honor.
    I definately will pick it up :)

  5. Oh, what a cutee - thank you for taking him home! you are precious! I too have just rescued a dog and cat!! How's the doll progressing?

  6. Oh yes, Abi, he is just adorable. Such a communicable cat - I've never had such a cat before. He has already “adopted” my dog and my husband, now he treats them as they belong to him :-D
    and the doll... just finished her :)