Thursday, February 25, 2010

changing my name

Hello everyone!
This is just a short note to let you know, that I've chaned my nick to my real name, so if you are wondering now where has Dewfall gone, and who is Dorote - this is me :)


  1. Well, I must say, it seems I have known you all along! haha! Dorote, it is such a pretty name. I'm glad you have decided to go by that lovely name. :-) But, it must be in the moon cycle, because I have been considering changing my name as well. :-D Sometimes, change is good. :D


  2. Oh thank you, Lori... I gues I've realized that no matter what nick name I will inwent, my pasport will always remind me who I am :))

  3. Hi Dorote!
    Your work is mind-blowing! I have the awards for you in my blog!

  4. Thank you so much, Viktoria, I appreciate it!

  5. Hi Dorote, I've just discovered your stunning work through Ruthie's blog :) Your name change back to your real one might be because you're now doing what feels more 'you'? Your dolls are breathtaking!xx

  6. Thank you, Jessie! Yes I think you are absolutely right - I realy love what I am doing and I've realized that that expresses what I am :)