Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A sneak peak to my workshop

Yes I feel I am ready for the jointed doll :)

It took me a while, making static dolls and it helped me to develop the idea of how this jointed doll should look like. I’m pretty happy how she is coming out, and I am terribly anxious to finish her.


  1. Dorote,
    Hello, my dear friend! I have missed your creations and your smiling face. I see you have been very busy creating fanciful works of art. I love them all so very much. Your recent works are a big inspiration to me! I am hoping to get myself motivated once again. I have been struggling over a project I have started recently and wound up pulling off the head and starting over again. :-) Perhaps now, after seeing your wonderful handiwork, I have once again found the motivation I need to get her finished. lol Anyway, wanted to stop by and let you know that I was thinking about you. I can't wait to see your BJD finished up. She is coming along nicely!


  2. Wow! I want to learn how to make jointed dolls.
    Can't wait to see her progress.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend
    Abi x

  3. Dear, Lori, I'm so glad you've stopped by and also that you have found some inspiration here.
    I was thinking of you too. I hope to hear from you and to see more new beautiful dolls from you soon.

  4. Abi, that’s a very good wish :)
    And if you want, you definitely will ;)
    I wanted to take pictures of this doll in her early state, but unfortunately my camera died :( So now I can show her already sculpted and waiting for last corrections before painting and dressing.

  5. Hello to you, and a big thank you for following faerietale of inspiration. I also thank you for leading me over here to you rblog and your stunning creations. Your work is exquisite, very unusual.

  6. Your remarkable imagination and attention to detail is simply amazing. I love following you down new avenues as you explore your talents...and I really am looking forward to seeing this doll in her next stages...discovering what artful delights you have in store for her!! love, Rose

  7. Hello Ruthie
    Welcome to my blog. I’m very glad you’ve liked in here :)

    Thank you very much for your beautiful comment, Rose. You are not just a great master of dolls, but also a master of words.
    Love, Dorote