Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cleo - the stray cat

She hardly remembers her real mommy – the beautiful and noble Sphinx. She has heard that her mommy lived in a rich house but she had escaped once following the call of nature. She had some adventures with stray cats, and when she came back – she was already carrying offsprings, which were not pure-bred at all. Three small kittens came to the world soon after that. This is how Cleo was born. In few weeks she her brother and sister were taken away from theyr mother and left outside to dye. This would be a sad end of theyr short lifes if not a stray cat who has found them. That cat has left her home after her owners have got ridden of her kittens. When she saw the small ones – her motherhood instinct awoke. She adopted them and raised with love and care of a real mother.

I still have to think up the continuing of this story, but meanwhile – I’m presenting you Cleopatra (friends can call her Cleo)
air drying clay, 62 cm

p.s. I'm feeling like I'm having a cat period  :-D


  1. Gorgeous, i love the beginnigns of the story too! x x

  2. Hi there Dorote!!

    Thank you for the words!!
    Would love to make dolls,..Ive never tried before...I guess I need to study how to...
    the materials and stuff.
    Whenever I finish with my current projects Id love to start working on one. hehee

    Yours are truly magical!
    Any special advice?

  3. Очаровательная, грациозная и по-осеннму грустная. Для автора - Дороти, пусть скорее в душе забушует весна:)

  4. Dorote, my sweet friend, now I know where you have been! (oh, my that rhymed lol) Cleo is FANTASTIC! I really like the story too. It sounds rather sad, but with a very happy ending. As always you have done a fabulous job with her costuming too. She's a great doll! I can't wait to see the next in the story. :-D


  5. Thank you everyone! I'm so happy to hear from you all!
    Uff this has been a busy week - I'm working on 4 dolls at once lol, and creating the fith one in my head. I'd wish I'd have more hands, or I wouldn't need to sleep :-D

  6. Cleo is beautifull, your other dolls too. Happy Easter:)