Monday, April 19, 2010


Let me to introduce you Mister Professor – a bit distracted but also very intelligent rabbit. :)
I’ve made this doll for my brother’s birthday :)


  1. Votre frère est très chanceux d'avoir une sœur aussi talentueuse ,superbe pièce.

  2. Hi Dorote,

    I just have to tell you, again, your work amazes me is so inspirational. I can easily sit and stare at your dolls for what seems like days. Your talent is truly exquisite! I aspire to your level of doll making and would consider myself exceedingly fortunate should you decide to communicate with me when you are able. May I ask questions of you, pick your brain, so to speak? I've been sculpting for about 2 years now, but only recently has it been serious. Thank you for your time and attention.


  3. Nu ka dabar daryt, jetau jetau, kol as minti apie triusi brandinau, jau pas tave stovi grazuolis, teks plagiata varyt :)) jau rubai tai aukstasis pilotazas!

  4. esef52, ennovyennovy, Meri Wiley - thank you very much!

    PAVONIJA - taigi kas čia dabar gali būt do plagijatai - gražias paneles irgi visos daro - tai negi daba viena nuo kito splagijuojam :D
    Daryk triušį - man baisiai įdomu tavo triušio interpretacija ;)

  5. Happy birthday to your brother! I envy him :)

  6. Hi is a wonderful fellow, so full of character, lucky brother x

  7. Saw your latest on Flickr and had to come over to tell you how wonderful he is! Your brother is quite lucky to receive such a gift:)

  8. Oh thank you everyone.
    Some friend of my brother's wife was already about to accuse me with animal cruelty untill it was explaned to her that "no no, this is not real rabbit's head... not even natural fur" :-D