Thursday, May 27, 2010

What’s new in my workshop?

The summer is gaining speed, and I am gaining speed too :)

Today I am working on four different projects and additionally trying to keep the fifth one going on :)

Some of you might have seen some of them in my flickr gallery, while others are completely new ideas coming to live.
The Bird lady is moving forward (still don’t have new pictures from her, so this is the older one. She is fully painted at the moment and I’m working on her hair dress.

The ball jointed doll has got some color, now I am trying to make a fancy costume for her.

I have started a new girl while giving the doll making lessons, and finishing her now.

And another project ( I still have no pictures of it) Titania from “Midsummer Night's Dream” by William Shakespeare. I usualy do not make dolls by already existing characters, but this time it will ba an exeption, as I am participating in a project organized by Russian doll artist and called „playing Shakespeare“.


  1. Dorote they're magnificent!!!! The ball jointed doll looks like an exquisite creature so far and I can hardly wait to see more of bird lady!!!
    I love Titiana's tree-full head ;)

  2. You have got your hands full! I would love to visit and join one of your classes!

  3. Dorote, I am looking forward to seeing these projects finished up. The bird lady is such an awesome idea....and judging by the feet, she is gonna be superb! And, the ball jointed doll, fantastic job on it too! I love seeing your creations. You always do such an outstanding job on them. <3


  4. Abi you are very welcome! If you ever travel thro Europe, just plan a to spend a couple of days in Lithuania - I'd gladly organize some classes for you ;)