Tuesday, July 6, 2010


It was realy hot these last days. First of all becouse of the weather, and second - becouse I was finishing a project, which took me a loooong time to make.
Here she goes - Titania, 50 cm, air-dry clay, lots of organza, silk an beads.


  1. Your work is amazing! Have a great day and stay cool....it's also really hot here too.

  2. OMG Dorote, she's breathtaking!!!! I so want to create dolls like you, and I swear once I've got the time and money I will, and I will be inspired by you. Thank you for sharing.

    You wanna' talk hot.....I live in Arizona where we get up to 120 degrees farenheit.


  3. Dorote, she is EXQUISITE!!!!! You are indeed the costume queen, amazing,amazing,amazing!!!

  4. Stunning! I LOVE your work!


  5. She's beautiful and elegant Dorote :O)

  6. Thank you for your nice and so positive coments, everyone!

    @So Dark - yes hopefuly she will be sold :)

  7. She is glorious! I love every single thing about her!

  8. In your Etsy or on Ebay? I really want to buy her :-) I hope the shipping wont be 95 pounds like the blue dress doll :-( She's also stunning,but these colors i like more,i'm not so into blue.

  9. @So Dark So Cute,
    This girl is going to be exhibited in Moscow international doll exhibition and if she won't sell there she will travel to Saint Petersburg doll show. Hopefully she will be sold there, if not, she will go to e-bay :)
    And the shipping cost... well UPS is expensive, but it is safer to send them thro UPS than thro local Post service. And also the size of the dolls is the main factor which increases the shipping cost.
    (Gosh… just to think on how much it will cost me to send her to Russia makes me scared… it will surely be more than 95 pounds :-( )

  10. how wonderfull she's going to an international exhibition! how sad for me if she will be sold :-( If not, i have to watch her on Ebay i guess....or you can let me know and i might have enough money at that time :-) it also save you the ebay seller fees,wich be a lot i think.

  11. Dorote, this is a fabulous creation. Congratulations on the HUGE exhibits you have coming up! I am thrilled for you to be showing your work in such spectacular venues! Your work is awe-inspiring and definitely breathtaking. Ever since I seen your first doll in Etsy, you have held me spellbound by not only your costuming abilities, but by your fanciful imaginations as well. It is always a delight to see a new doll by your creation. I always know that I will not be disappointed when I come to see them here. Just like So Dark above me...I would love to own one of them one day. But it will have to be when I am rich I think. hehe Gorgeous work as always my friend. Gorgeous. <3


  12. How could one choose a favorite? But, Titania may be mine. I love the play and this dolls is so beautiful.

    Marsha, Enchanticals

  13. I'm so in love with your work for a few years already...
    I love dolls, and I've seen many different techniques for making them, but your stile is breathtaking,very touching and inspirational!
    And I had to do something, I hope you won't mind...

    I'm a Costume designer, and you always were so inspiring that I HAD to make a dress like this one for myself.It's not for a commercial use, btw...
    I love that dress and I'm planing to have a photo shooting in it really soon. If you wanna I can send pics to you...Maybe you would like to see how your doll is coming into life, hihi (since I do look like that doll).

    Keep up a good work,
    best regards,