Friday, September 3, 2010

Ball jointed girls

Oh it took me for ever, but today I am celebrating as she is officially completed :)
When I was little girl, my grandma had “Bleeding hearts” in her garden. I remember myself never stopping admiring the perfection of the shape of these blossoms. I was imagining that they are small tiny princesses and I loved playing with them…

more of her pictures can be found on my flickr

And here is a sneak peak at my other BJD which will be hopefully finished soon.


  1. Oh my god. I am in awe of ball jointed doll. Amazing, amazing work! If you ever want to write a tutorial... ;)

  2. your design seems to be much more "moveable" The WIP is very graceful looking. There are several tutorials out there on creating a BJD, but none seem to be very useful..or a good looking doll...I would love it as well if you did a TUT on how to create a GOOD BJD! xoxox Christel

  3. Wow, your BJD looks so alive! I cannot to see more :)

    I blog about your beautiful creations that I collect and here's the link:


  4. She is gorgeous, I love the way you've done her hair too! xx

  5. Дороте!
    Очень рада видеть Вас здесь, а также все ваши творения :) мне они очень нравятся! с тех пор, как я увидела Вашу "бездомную кошку Клео" на куклах-ру )) ...
    я там появляюсь иногда под ником Isolda))
    Рада видеть Вас. Извините, что по-русски, я свободно могу общаться и на английском :)

  6. Thank you very much my friends! *hugs*

    I can't promise tutorials soon, as it is a big work to make them, and takes lots of time. How ever I want to encurage you to start making bjd acording to those tutorials you can already find online. They are pretty good to learn the tachneeque, and then you can create your own design and make a doll of any shape you like. ;)

    Elena nice to meet you here! Русски хорошо как и любой другой язык пока у нас есть "google translator" :))

  7. great job, hope I can finish mine as well=) more bjd post please=)

  8. Soy admiradora de tu trabajo,me parece fabuloso!Yo hago muñecas de paper mache yme gustaria llegar a tu nivel alguna vez,pero el tiempo corre muy rapido y no alcanza para realizar todos los proyectos!abrazos desde Paraguay!