Monday, November 1, 2010


We all have a cliché in our mind when it comes about baroque stile clothes and wigs – the ladies must have pale white skin, pink cheeks and a black mole. There is nothing wrong with that image, but I was always curious how the African woman would look like in all those fancy outfits. I have to admit, that I like a lot the way this doll has come out.
More pictures on my FLICKR

Eve is a unique Art Doll made from air-dry clays, painted with acrylic paint. She is wearing a hand made dress from manually dyed and embroidered fabrics. The fabric is very soft and nice to touch.


  1. She looks fantastic! Her dress is perfect as all the dresses you've made!
    No, i never see dark skin elves,fairies,mermaids...etc...
    I'm glad you've changed that! :-)

  2. I LOVE this!!!!! Absolutely fantastic, this is an amazing doll!!!!

  3. Divine as usual. I am absoutely in awe of your dolls.
    I will get one! I will :0)

  4. Dona, Monika, Jayne - Thank you so much! Hugs to all!

  5. Eve is a fantastic. Love her dress and hair.

  6. I really love your work, I just saw your work for awhile from coincident!
    Thank god to find someting tocuh and beautiful like this.
    I will waitng for your work, and I think I would like to have one for my own :)

    I love her face, her emotion is purify.

  7. Thank you Jonson! I'm glad you've found me :))

  8. How about your tiny BJD, i'm so in love with her, it's make me count day by day to update your post.
    Best regards,