Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cleo - the stray cat

She hardly remembers her real mommy – the beautiful and noble Sphinx. She has heard that her mommy lived in a rich house but she had escaped once following the call of nature. She had some adventures with stray cats, and when she came back – she was already carrying offsprings, which were not pure-bred at all. Three small kittens came to the world soon after that. This is how Cleo was born. In few weeks she her brother and sister were taken away from theyr mother and left outside to dye. This would be a sad end of theyr short lifes if not a stray cat who has found them. That cat has left her home after her owners have got ridden of her kittens. When she saw the small ones – her motherhood instinct awoke. She adopted them and raised with love and care of a real mother.

I still have to think up the continuing of this story, but meanwhile – I’m presenting you Cleopatra (friends can call her Cleo)
air drying clay, 62 cm

p.s. I'm feeling like I'm having a cat period  :-D

The spirit of home

I have just finished the white cat which I’ve began during the “cat making lessons”.
Her official name is Mice (which in Lithuanian is pronounced as MITSEY). I don’t know why, but when I see a white cat, it brings me an image of a cozy kitchen, and fresh bred and cookies with cinnamon and apples, and that feeling of safety and happiness which we experience in our childhood…

Monday, March 22, 2010


It came suddenly. The temperature has rise till +8 by Celsius. All huge mountains of snow have melted in a couple of days. It seems that spring got desperate while waiting for its chance. Our river “exploded” today. After being imprisoned in a thick layer of ice for 4 month it suddenly freed it self. I have never seen anything like this… the water level has rise 6 meters. Enormous amount of ice has covered the banks. All small trees and bushes which were growing there for years were pulled out with roots or covered by ice and water. I never knew the beavers are living around, until the ice has destroyed their home and poor animals had to run for their lives…

This is so beautiful and scary at the same time. Moments like those make us to remember that we should treat nature with a great respect.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Long long time ago, there was a kingdom, and a castle and a princess in it… She was a lovely girl - very sweet and helpful. Everyone loved her and she loved everyone. She was so happy all the time, that she has told once: “I love life so much, that I could live for ever”.
But as it happens in those moments – the dark sorcerer was listening to these words. “you want to live for ever? So let it be!” - the sorcerer said. And so it happened… The time was running but princess was not ageing. Everyone she knew has died, generations were changing, people moved from that area, the castle fell dawn only ruins were remaining. And poor princess was still there – she could not leave the place - she was cursed to live there for ever....
Ok I know it’s a bit creepy, how ever that explains why she is so pail and dusty. :)

And for those of you who are curious about how this doll was made, I have a surprise – I’m writing a book where I’m explaining all the process step by step.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Exhausted and happy

We had a long weekend in Lithuania this week, but even when most people were not going to work and celebrating the Independence Day, it was a very busy time for me. I was giving a course of doll making. If to be precise – we were making cats.
I never thought that teaching can be so much fun! I think, at the end our dolls had fun too :D

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Most wonderful things happen when you expect them least

One day I was reading one of the blogs I’m following, then (as it often happens) I’ve began to read blogs which that blogger is following and then blogs of followers of those followers… until I’ve found a wonderful blog of Ruthie. I was amazed with Ruthie’s talent to find so many artists who work in different medias and all are creating astonishing art works. I was reading and watching, watching and reading and thinking “this is a really great online art gallery!”. No doubt I had to follow this blog! But what was most unexpected thing – that Ruthie decided to feature me between all those amazing artists. I am so very happy! Thank you Ruthie!!

And for all those who still are not following that blog – here it is: