Saturday, July 17, 2010

Marie Antoinette

Good day to everyone!
May sun shines for those who miss it, and the rain rains for those who need it!

I’m presenting one of my last dolls in my blog today. (Some of you may have seen her in other virtual spaces). The dolly is an interpretation of Marie Antoinette, the queen who has never died, who will be always remembered because of her beauty and glamour, of her huge hairdressers and costumes and who will live for ever in works of artists of all times.

At the moment, Marie is listed in my my Etsy store

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The times of Unicorns - I'm drawing again

I’ve been always in love with a fantasy world. Nature, magic and all the fantastic creatures living there… I could keep exploring it for ever.

“The times of Unicorns” will be the series of drawings which I’ve started not so long ago. Maybe one day it will turn into a story book, or into dolls or into something else… Meanwhile I have a head full of characters who are desperate to get out from there :-D

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


It was realy hot these last days. First of all becouse of the weather, and second - becouse I was finishing a project, which took me a loooong time to make.
Here she goes - Titania, 50 cm, air-dry clay, lots of organza, silk an beads.