Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010 is finishing

Onyx – my black precious stone.

Onyx is my last doll for 2010.

It’s been a wonderful and very productive year. I have achieved many goals and discovered many wonderful things.

Thank you so much, everyone, for being with me whole this year, for your support and precious coments on my photos.

Hugs to all!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Hello my dear friends and patient followers!
I know sometimes I am very slow and I am not updating my blog as often as I should. But here is reason for that – I have finally finished my little ball jointed girl
So here she goes – Dirvolira – the goddess of fields and farmsteads.

The doll is made from wooden sculpting clay, which has all qualities of wood.
This girl is 29 cm tall.
She has 20 articulation points. Her elbows and knees are double-jointed.

I gave this doll and ancient look. I preserved the rough surface of the modeling clay and its natural color. I wished her to look as an antique drawing, so I used pastels, pencil and eraser to make shades on her body. If you examine her pictures carefully, you will see delicate pencil strokes around her eyes. All her body is decorated with ornaments of flowers, which are also repeated on her costume. After shading and drawings were made, I have sealed the doll with several layers of acrylic warmish which gives a strong and scratch resistant surface.

The hair of this doll is made from natural wool and it is permanently attached to her head. It can be stilled very carefully, but as those of you, who have such a hair, know – stilling curls is not a simple task and they look best left as they are. :)

The doll is wearing flax corset, natural silk bloomers and skirt and medieval stile slippers. The corset has metal hooks on the back and can be laced easily. I have embroidered her clothes and shoes with natural silk and metal beads. The doll will also come with a metal crown which was made by me from materials made for jewelry crafting.

 Littleone is already listed on my Etsy The link is here
A couple more of lovely details which I am adding to this little girl – a special stand to keep her safe while displayed and a wooden box which is hand painted by me and will help her to travel safely.