Thursday, November 10, 2011

The White tender Demon

Some of you may remember my drawing of a demon girl from some time ago.
Today I want to show you how the doll is coming out.
The sculpting took me a while, but now I am absolutely happy with the result. I have painted her and sealed her, and now she is going to be assembled with metal springs and dressed up in a luxurious hand made costume.
Yay - my fingers are itching to finish her - she seems to be a cute little creature and will become a wonderful companion. :)


  1. WOW Dorote!!! She is sooo amaaaazing! I love her!

  2. She's perfect! teneder but not too tender, with some melancoly in here eyes... example of what I call a perfect doll!

  3. Senokokai mačiau tavo naujų darbelių, net apsipamiršau visai ir pagalvojau pažiūrėsu tavo blog'ą ir... pataikiau ant begimstančio naujo grožio! Nors ir bauginantis personažas, bet kažkuo traukia..savo formom, spalva, poza.. Lauksiu su rūbeliais :)

  4. Hi Dorote

    Check out the interview you gave to my blog! Posted today!

    Balaio Variado

  5. Hey Dorote!

    Oh my gosh, I love this demon so much! Again a wonderful piece of art!


  6. thank you so much everyone!
    My warmest hugs!