Saturday, November 26, 2011

Short update on the progress of the White Demon

I am finally done with the wig and slippers.
It took me a bit longer than expected, but I am happy with the result, which is most important of all. :)
The wig is made from natural mohair and decorated with glass beads and hand made silk flowers (those took some time! ). It was the first removable wig I have made, so I had to figure out how to make it not just good looking, but also easy to put on, and most important - firmly sitting on the head, which was quite a challenge, as it is pretty heavy. But at the end I can assure that it is really made well - it sits nicely and doesn't fall off even if the doll bents dawn.
The slippers was another story - the bottom part is made from a jewelry wire which is twisted in such complicated way, that I would never ever be able to repeat the design. How ever they are symmetrical, as they should be. The top part is made from flax fabrics, which I have chosen after trying out several different materials.
 I am still working on her dress and a special stand, which should complete the whole picture. :)

you can find some more pictures of her on my Flickr

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The White tender Demon

Some of you may remember my drawing of a demon girl from some time ago.
Today I want to show you how the doll is coming out.
The sculpting took me a while, but now I am absolutely happy with the result. I have painted her and sealed her, and now she is going to be assembled with metal springs and dressed up in a luxurious hand made costume.
Yay - my fingers are itching to finish her - she seems to be a cute little creature and will become a wonderful companion. :)