Friday, November 18, 2016

Announcement of a Year

Hello everyone!
You most probably been wondering, where have I gone?
I must admit that I am more present on Facebook lately than on any other social media, but here I am back and bringing good news.
I have been working on a huge project since January - I have been making a tutorial for all of you who want to learn make a doll in my stile.
As it usually happens, from the planned couple of months it has taken me almost a year to bring it to the end, but finally - I did.
So here it is, listed on my Etsy Store .
I am revealing quite a few of my techniques there and explaining how to make all the parts of the doll and it's costume. If you follow it step by step, you should make yourself a doll like the one in photo below.

Happy doll making!


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  2. здравствуйте, есть книга на русском языке? хочу купить

  3. Wow! So Cute! As usual :) My congrats with book! You are a great artist!